Return to Bali

With the various trips out to different locations, this time Bali was relegated to an overnight base from which to explore other places. Somewhat harsh on a destination that is highly attractive for huge numbers of visitors from around the world, but interestingly it works on that level too. Exploring such places as the Gilis or Komodo is best done with Bali the central point and given the development in tourism, there are ample options from which to choose the kind of Bali needed, even if being within close range of the airport or boat transfer points is a consideration. 

And so it is that the nightlife of Kuta and Legian, the beachfront and active social calendar of Seminyak, the restaurants and relaxed vibe of up and coming Sanur, or the quiet of Benoa are all available depending on what is being sought. 

Few will have thought about it in quite those terms, but Bali actually makes for an excellent stopover location when the primary focus is elsewhere. Transfers from the airport can be short, the beaches are so often wonderful and there is lots to do. Not perhaps the most obvious role the island plays, but it does it well nevertheless. 


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