Off again

The odd thing with this occasional blog is that true travel blogs tend to involve people jetting off seemingly on a weekly basis, always somewhere new, always somewhere exotic. It puts me to shame but then I’m slightly reluctant to expound on the joys of visiting Manchester, much as I like the city.

So therefore I tend to confine it to the bigger trips, especially the ones where I am going somewhere new. This is a work trip not a holiday, and wifi permitting I shall even try and upload some photos as I go. No selfies though. I know what I look like and I see that horror every morning. Equally I’m no photographer of any merit; my chosen technique is to take loads on the off chance one turns out alright.

This time I’m back in Asia but visiting some new places. Thailand is the first port of call but to Bangkok, which is anything but new for me. From there however it’s a 10 night trip through Laos, having previously only been to Luang Prabang. Then it’s down to Indonesia – Bali specifically, before heading back to Thailand for a flying visit to Chiang Mai before Bangkok again and home.

If this seems a curious itinerary that’s because it is. Work not holiday remember.

It all begins tomorrow, a BA flight in World Traveller Plus. In my younger airline days I routinely travelled in business class. There’s little more depressing about airline travel in Economy than knowing exactly what the pointy end is like and resenting every moment in the cramped seat you actually have to pay for. So I’ve paid for the modest upgrade. There is the possibility I may be mildly less grumpy at the other end.

Updates will follow as the trip unfolds.