Last Night in Myanmar

And so the trip comes to a close. It’s been hectic, it’s been busy, but it’s also been amazing.  Tonight is my last night in the country, tomorrow it’s heading back to Bangkok before the long journey home to a UK heading into winter.

At the start of this trip I commented that visiting a new country involves going with an open mind, and I have learnt a lot, seen much and enjoyed everything.

Myanmar is a country that defies categorisation. It’s far from perfect, and in the days ahead I shall reflect on my wider thoughts and considerations about my visit. But I can say that although I’ve travelled widely, there are few destinations that have worked their way into my soul as this one has.

Travel is and always has been a bug. The ability to see somewhere new, talk to people from different cultures and background, and marvel at what they see on a day to day basis is a privilege and an honour.

I’ve already been asked what my favourite part of this trip has been, and that question prompted a degree of pondering. I’m not sure, and I need some time to think about that. The easiest and most obvious answer would be the astonishing sights and sounds of Bagan, yet each destination and location had a special attraction and significance to it. The colonial history and astounding pagoda of Yangon, the rich tapestry of Mandalay, the rural beauty of Pindaya and Lake Inle, or the perfect unspoilt beaches of Ngapali.

Myanmar is a country that demands to be visited, it insists on being seen. After 10 days, I have thoroughly fallen in love with it.